Welcome to Monterey bay christian school

Monterey Bay Christian School exists to help develop a generation of young people who learn to think Biblically, who look at life from God’s perspective, and put Biblical principles into practice. Academic excellence coupled with a love for Christ and a heart for people helps our children become salt and light in a challenging world. We do not seek to merely release children with academic excellence to simply mesh or fit into society; we choose simply to minister and educate the person’s spirit, soul and body, so that when entering society they will be equipped to help change their world for good.

Our goal is to work with the parents of children from preschool through eighth grade to secure Godly character, understand the importance of good morals, and to develop the self-worth that values ethical practices that promote a healthy society. This development is a process that can only be accomplished as we work together to invest in students from God’s perspective. With His help, parental support, and strong qualified Christian educators, we will endeavor to make MBCS the best possible school for your child. Partner with us as “we build future leaders.”