About mbcs

Monterey Bay Christian School is a ministry of Monterey Bay Christian Center. We believe strongly in the value of Christian education. If you're considering a Christian school for your child, please read below to see what we believe sets us apart!

VISION: Developing a Biblical world-view one child at a time.

MISSION: Helping parents raise Godly children by sharing a commitment to spiritual growth and individualized, academic excellence.


BIBLICALLY BASED: At MBCS we believe God’s Word must be at the center of everything we do. If a foundation is unstable, then eventually the structure will fall. From Science to Civics, everything is presented with a Biblical world view as an essential component of a quality Christian education.

FAMILY CENTERED: We firmly believe that a quality, Christian education functions best as an extension of the family environment at home. We exist to work with you, the parents, to reinforce the values you are diligently teaching to your children at home. (Deut. 6:5-9)

INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED: Parents with more than one child know that all children are definitely not created equal! So why would every child’s educational needs be the same? At MBCS we diagnose & adjust individualized courses of study based on each student’s academic needs & interests, not simply according to their age. Students find this approach richly rewarding without sacrificing the quality of their educational experience.

ACADEMICALLY EXCELLENT: When considering a school for your child, in addition to the spiritual environment, academic quality is of vital importance. We are committed to academically excellent, highly-individualized education that uses mastery learning and other creative ways to integrate web-based resources. Other opportunities include class discussions & interaction, weekly chapel, a variety of multi-grade electives & community service opportunities.

FINANCIALLY AFFORDABLE: Because many families in today’s economy simply can’t afford normal private schooling costs, we have endeavored to keep our pricing structure as inexpensive as possible. On average, our total school cost averages per student at least 30% less than other institutions.