Our curriculum
Preschool - 2nd

There are many choices when it comes to the tools that are available to use in educating students. 

MBCS has a strong commitment to using the latest technology coupled with timeless, proven methods of mastery learning and individualization. We are constantly evaluating our methods and believe the education we offer is the best available today.

MBCS is dedicated to selecting curricular sources that are in line with our Mission and Vision. This means our publishers write and produce work from a Christian standpoint and make efforts to present all subjects with a Christian worldview, both implicitly and explicitly.

  • Bob Jones Univerity (BJU) Press


    For both Language Arts and Mathematics, students work from core phonics, readers, and mastery-based sequencing to lay the foundations necessary for success each step of the way in their educational journey. Teachers supplement and differentiate using additional tools if and when desirable, and our team works together to stay faithful to a robust scope and sequence that we develop in house after years of reflection and experiences with students of all different abilities, plans, past and future schools.


    For Science, the curriculum builds rigorous science learning and observational skills while wholly giving glory to the Lord of all creation, who is not only the natural world's originator, but owner, keeper, and even redeemer!


    Our elementary teachers work closely with our administration to develop annual Bible themes and focus, as well as to faithfully introduce students to the concept of Social Sciences as they begin to identify the people and places in the world, in our country, and in our past, prayerfully learning from the failures and successes of those who have led the way before us.