2018 SumMer Program

Information is Here!

This year, we're excited to offer 8 weeks of full day programming for students ranging from those entering 1st grade to those entering 8th.

Click on the image on the left to see the PDF with more program information and details.  When enrolling, you will be asked to specify which week(s) you plan to attend.

For current MBCS families, no application/registration fees apply, though weekly tuition/program costs will be billed upon registration.

For Non-MBCS families, registration cost will be billed, to be refunded in the event that your application is not approved (all regular MBCS admissions policies apply- see our family handbook HERE.  Summer registration fees can roll toward fall registration fees if you decide to stay on board for the school year as well!

For all families, please use the following link to apply/enroll today!


Although our Preschool does have a 10 month annual "school year" that coincides with our K-12 programs, it also functions (for now) somewhat independently in terms of monthly enrollment and tuition rather than annually.  Curricular programs and daily schedules (for the most part) remain the same throughout the summer months.  

Therefore, current preschool families have two options for the summer:

1.  Status Quo- For this, you'd simply remain in the same month-to-month plan you currently have, with no additional enrollment, registration, or application of any kind necessary to continue through June and July.  However, if you intend to continue enrollment into the fall semester (2018-2019 school year), then you will want to visit our admissions page today to re-enroll and save your spot!  Preferred re-enrollment discounts apply until the end of May, at which point non-MBCS families (i.e. new students) will be given an opportunity to fill unclaimed spaces for the next year.

2.  Summer Break- For some families, June and July may be months for which you do not wish to continue preschool programs.  In that case, you are welcome to jump back in for July (if taking June off) or August (if taking July or all summer off) PROVIDED THERE IS STILL AVAILABLE SPACE.  The only way to secure a place in the fall program for the 2018-2019 is to enroll as mentioned above in option 1 (click HERE to be redirected to our admissions page for the 2018-2019 school year).  This includes all current MBCS preschool families.  In the process, you would simply choose that you are a returning family, answer a couple of brief questions, pay the annual registration fee, and you're done (special preferred re-enrollment discounts do apply if this is completed by May 31st).  You can then relax through the summer months knowing you'll continue to have a fantastic Christ-centered preschool program to return to when August comes around.

Either way, we look forward to continuing to partner with families for God's glory in watching little ones grow up to know, worship, and serve the Lord!