expected school - wide learning results


Our sights are set on the achievement of the following goals for every student throughout their time at MBCS. Our prayer and pursuit is to see students fulfil their God-given potential and calling through becoming: 

Evangelistic Believers || Not only do we work with families to reach and train up each child in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we also labor to disciple them into young believers who can articulate, defend, and lovingly share their faith with others in a lost and sinful world. We model, instill, and overtly instruct the Christian character and morality that is fitting for an ambassador of Christ, deeply inculcating a biblical worldview across all disciplines, content, and programs.

Agile Learners || With the goal of developing life-long learners who can adapt in a fast-changing environment, we aim to inspire and challenge students to intrinsically desire their own growth, and to progressively become more self-directed in the learning process- from developing and defining the problems to sharing solutions. Students will also gain a firm grasp of any necessary resources, skills, and tools that would enable them to thrive in the 21st century.

Graceful Communicators || We work with students to build the most solid foundation in language skills as possible, enabling them to both perceive and project critical ideas and messages in a world of information and media saturation. Students are led to understand the significance and power in their expression, including digital and virtual venues. They will be taught the need for God’s grace and wisdom, as well as obedience to the Holy Spirit, in all forms of communication.

Leading Thinkers || Our program is designed to continually introduce students to situations and assignments that call for a wide variety of critical thinking skills. This includes their creativity and persistence as well as integrating and extending ideas across disciplines and contexts. While remaining faithful to a comprehensive reception of the truth, students will learn to critically evaluate and apply concepts in novel contexts, paving the way for new conclusions and insights.


Exemplary Members || MBCS helps to prepare students to fulfill whatever vocation God may call them to. This includes college, military service, trade professions, church ministry/missions, and more. Foundational principles such as obedience, love, duty, service, and leadership are woven into our program design to allow students to appreciate, and desire to emulate, the sacrifices entailed in healthy communal life in local, global, and digital contexts.