We recognize that many families are choosing distance learning (home-schooling) for their children. We are proud to be able to partner with these parents who choose to educate their children at home. 

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All tracks operate under the Monterey Bay Christian School affidavit, accreditation, administrative consultation, admissions policies, and general governance. For further information, please feel free to contact Principal Voyce at 831.899.2060 ex 700 or mrvoyce@mbcsonline.org


Tuition and Fees:

          Annual Curricular fee:

                  $500 per student

          Monthly Tuition rates:

                  Track 1-  $50

                  Track 2- $100

                  Track 3- $175

          Additional/Optional costs (Track 3)

                  Field Trips– (covered with curricular fees)

                  Sports- $25 /sport/season

                  Clubs- $25  /club/semester

                  Uniform printing (logo for polo)

                  8th grade graduation- $150


Enrollment/re-enrollment is on an August 1 through July 31 cycle.  However, families may elect to work within the regular school calendar start and end dates (mid August to late May) - tuition agreements are understood to be on a month-to-month basis. 


3rd-12th Grade digital curriculum delivery system (Ignitia by Alpha Omega) requires a personal computer for the student (mobile if on track 3).   Upon enrollment, students are given diagnostic placement testing, and customized courses are created/assigned. 


High school diploma plans are available for early graduation, college admission,  and advanced placement opportunities.   On campus participation is limited/separated from K-8.



Parents continue to serve as their child’s teacher. MBCS provides Christian curriculum in-line with MBCS academic scope and sequence.  Additional consultation/supplementation available. MBCS administration also provides preliminary and ongoing parent training for curriculum implementation.

Core subject expectations:


            Language Arts




            Arts, Electives, and PE  are coordinated separately.


MBCS administration works to finalize official semester report cards each year.  



MBCS faculty member(s) "teach" all subjects in the sense that they manage all assignments, do all subjective grading/feedback, and are on-call for help with difficult stopping points.  Parents provide structured home environment and daily accountability. Independent Study is only available to students in 3rd grade or higher. The Ignitia curriculum system requires a personal computer for the student. 

MBCS Admin provides regular communication of progress and “attendance” via task reports. Teacher assignment is based on availability and individual student curriculum plan. Many additional electives are available through the same platform.  Additional options are available by family coordination with the school teacher. 

During school hours (and individual teacher hours) students receive help as needed through live messaging tools, multi-media materials, and robust teacher communication tools.  Administrative hours (Mon-Sat 7AM-10PM) provide constant tech support and assistance by phone or text.



MBCS administration works to finalize official semester report cards each year. For more connection opportunities, see track 3 enclosed here. This is an add-on to the instructional track (1 or 2) of your choice rather than a different track per se (i.e. it does not change the mode of Mon-Thurs).  Teachers will prepare to see you on Fridays and, to the extent possible, provide any necessary preparations for the day if there are any.

Additionally, students are invited to participate in campus programs:

                  Included Weekly

                  1 Day of attendance*


                        Class projects/labs

                        Face-to-face teacher time

                        Socialization at recesses

                        Performing Arts opportunities


                  Optional (additional cost)

                  Field trips (TBA)

                  Team  sports (TBA)- ex:





                                    Ultimate Frisbee

                  After school Clubs (TBA)—ex:




                                    Chapel Leadership


* Variations of on-campus plans are possible based on student grade, ability, and need, as well family interest.  Typically these offerings are incorporated into a Friday schedule, though other days could potentially be arranged for comparable amount of time on campus, in which case, program offerings may  drop some of the ones listed here for other elective offerings.