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While we seek to serve with an open heart and in a loving manner, it is important to understand that attendance at Monterey Bay Christian School is a privilege and not a right. Students or families whose behavior, whether in action or in attitude, whether on-campus or off-campus, is not in a spirit of cooperation with the school’s faith, values, leadership, and/or policies, may be denied acceptance or asked to withdraw.  We seek to partner together to raise our children with a Christian worldview first and foremost- one that is taught at home and school in harmony.


MBCS tries to be as inclusive as possible, yet we recognize the need to be discerning when it comes to the age and maturity levels of our students. We enroll students 24 months of age who are weaned from bottle and breast feeding into our preschool programs. Students do not need to be potty-trained.

For students who will turn 5 any time before the start of the next school year (4 by September 1st of the year they are entering), we offer our elementary Extended Transitional Kindergarten (requires potty training complete and fundamental ability to follow directions)

For entering into Kindergarten, students who are 5 years of age by September 1st are automatically eligible to apply for that calendar year. Those turning 5 by December 31st have the option to discuss early-kinder enrollment based on appropriate developmental progress.  

Students turning 14 years of age by September 1st may be referred to off-campus programs in that calendar year to complete their education. 

Distance learning high school is available for those who have completed the 8th grade.  Any students turning 18 before September 1st may be referred to adult school and/or community college programs to complete their diploma. Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the School Board. 

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