Monterey Bay Christian School is a ministry of Monterey Bay Christian Center. We believe strongly in the value of Christian education. If you're considering a Christian school for your child, please read below to see how what we believe sets us apart!

VISION || Developing a Biblical world-view one child at a time.

MISSION || Helping Parents raise Godly children by sharing a commitment to spiritualized growth and individualized, academic excellence.

MOTTO || Educating for Eternity.

5 pillars

  1. BIBLICALLY BASED || We believe that God’s Word must be at the center of everything we do. The scriptures guide and shape our idea(s) of what school should be and how it should operate. From science to civics, everything academic is presented with a Biblical worldview as the essential, defining aspect of quality, Christian education. We strive to inculcate and nurture a fervent, personal faith in Biblical truth for each child.

  2. FAMILY CENTERED || We thus understand that we will be successful only when we function an extension of the God-ordained family environment at home. We exist to work with you, the parents, to reinforce the faith and values you are diligently showing in your family.  We're always looking to be a partner in everything, including academic skills and content, classroom behavior, and even extracurricular activities.

  3. INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED || At MBCS, we appreciate the uniqueness of each child, and we marvel as students begin to show their own God-given gifts and talents.  We diagnose and prescribe courses of study based on each student’s academic needs and interests, not simply according to their chronological age. We both support and challenge students in their placement, pacing, special needs, and budding interests.

  4. ACADEMICALLY EXCELLENT || Utilizing a wide variety of engaging classroom strategies and customized approaches, including the implementation of industry-leading tools and resources, our certified staff members are devoted to providing high quality ministry. Our students start their educational journey with strong foundations as they master core content, and are also exposed to a variety of extra-curricular means for development.

  5. FINANCIALLY AFFORDABLE || We always endeavor to keep our pricing structure as inexpensive as possible so that money is not an obstacle to families. We intentionally and sacrificially keep our total costs significantly lower than most other private institutions, while also dedicating as much funding as possible to the attraction, retention, and development of quality staff members who make all the difference in serving each family.