Home for a bit?  STay connected!

--We'll have morning pledges and announcements for all at-home grades at 8:30AM in Mr. Voyce's zoom room HERE

--3-8 Students will continue working independently in Ignitia lesson work for the morning (in general one assignment per subject per day, unless otherwise instructed through Ignitia message by the subject teacher each day by 4pm).  

--TK-2 will have paperwork prepared to go home at the end of any day that we discover your absence.  This should cover the duration of the absence, or the duration of the current week, depending on your circumstances.

--All grades are invited to an open zoom room (same as pledges) after school (from 3pm-5pm) for help, support, questions, or other needs.  You can also reach out to the office for more general questions in the day, or to Mr. Voyce directly by phone after hours for further help or additional needs.

--Students will be guided in following some basic "zoom rules" (see HERE) to help classes go smoothly and clearly for those trying to learn and trying to teach.  Please help your child understand these as much as possible.

--We will be keeping all of our students, but especially those recovering from illness, in our prayers daily and until everyone has recovered.  Thank you for making the necessary sacrifices to stay home today!

-- Check out Friday information below.  After school zoom session is still available from 3-5pm to check in, share and connect about anything leftover for the week.

STay Tuned for Friday info!

Chapel time?

You can stay connected in worship and word each Friday through our live-streamed events.  Click HERE. to view.

Mighty memorizer?

Students can and should still "recite" their weekly verse (written in their Igntia project for 3rd-8th grades) on Friday.  See the list HERE.

play practice?

We do not have plans for this segment to be accomplished virtually, but students can continuue practicing any portion that has been developed or assigned thus far.

Project time?

Did you get your free 30 day art class pass?  Click HERE and use mbcs2021 to go to the checkout with payment already completed.  Then create an account with a valid email and follow instructions for use..