• STayiNG organized, informed, and all around CONNECTed!

    ``Even when we weren't operating completely off campus, we were using the following documents to help us all remember what all systems we use, what they're for, and how to make sure we are in them!  Now more than ever, connection is key.

    1.  The SYSTEMS WE USE.


  • 3rd-8th grade's "new" training for at-home learning

    From initial orientation to ongoing reminders, we always implement our ignitia tool so that students can truly learn rather than just click through work.  We've developed some summary lists over the years.  Now we've added some Zoom Rules to help orient students to the process of virtual conference classrooms, too!  It's not easy to be successful this way without some good discipline and attention.  Take some time to go over these with your child and let us know if you have questions!

                               IGNITIA AND ZOOM REMINDERS AND RULES

  • File sharing, social connections, and other videos!

    We're still working behind the scenes, but soon you'll hear about and see our file sharing info here, as well as links to how and when we can offer other cool ways to connect while away from each others- especially for chapel on Fridays, which is still in the works.  We're brainstorming as quickly as we can, so be on the lookout here!

    [One place you can definitely still look for other docs right now is on our original "PARENT RESOURCE" page (for example, that's where you can find the list for the MIghty Memorizers verses we've been using all year]

Our school community bulletin board (Padlet)

Looking for some place to put up a flier?  Got a church activity?  A business card?  Any other notices?  Wanna just share a great pic or video from your club or sport or extracurricular team?  Here's the spot!  Our PADLET board is password protected.  The password is always listed in your weekly emails for reference (or just call and ask!).  Happy posting!